Samantha teaches from a compulsive compassion to share the yogi way of life. She 100% nerds out on facia! It is almost funny! She is a yogi science, geek, body expert... or something like that! To make sure that her students and the students of the yogi practitioners she guides, are safe in their practice she takes the time to explain in detail the why's of the information she is presenting. Never afraid of questions, she blasts out more information at each detour along the path of class."

Suzanne Gibbs - RYT 200

"I thought I knew what yoga was. I was so wrong. Sam helped me understand that there was a different way, a deeper practice, and I profoundly and completely recommend her teaching to anyone who can feel the path stretching before them. Who feel that little flicker of the divine beat a steady tattoo in their heart space. If you are looking to hone that heart to see what lies at the center, this practice is your knife. And the journey is so indescribably worth it's while. With a whole heart I invite you on the first steps and recommend without reservation Samantha Akers." 

– Jack K

I came to Therayoga with some spinal injuries and associated back and hip pain, and took a restorative yoga class with Samantha at her studio. After 12 years of being a yoga student, it was such a wonderful surprise to be introduced to this wonderful type of healing yoga. Her classes offer a loving and safe place for all bodies to relax into supported poses and receive the benefits of yoga and a guided mindfulness practice.

After seeing and feeling the results of a regular practice of my own, I had the pleasure of taking both Level 1 and Level 2 Restorative Yoga Teacher Trainings with Samantha in 2015! Both weekends cover a lot of valuable information, and are presented in a manageable way; balanced with guided meditation practices, and practical examples of restorative poses and techniques that can be adapted for group classes as well as private sessions. I enjoyed discussion of special conditions and further modifications of poses, since I work with a unique population of children and adults with special needs including a range of orthopedic impairments.

Samantha truly has a gift for teaching and is very passionate about this practice. She supports which empowers her students to take the best care of themselves so that they can take the best care of their yoga students and loved ones."

– Melanie Gingerich, M.S., CCC-SLP, RYT 200

"Completing the yoga training with Samantha turned out to be greater gift to myself and my clients than I could have ever imagined! Within 48 hours of completing these trainings with Samantha I was confidently and effectively using the yoga pose and breath techniques she had taught me with a number of my psychotherapy clients. Samantha brings great skill as a teacher, along with kindness, compassion and a wonderful sense of humor to the trainings, making them thoroughly enjoyable as well as immensely informative."

- Kim Hollingdale, Licensed Psychotherapist MFT#88227

When I first signed up to take Samantha’s yoga teacher training, I could immediately feel her warmth and care, just via email! Upon meeting her in person, I wasn’t disappointed. She clearly knows her stuff and has a straight forward yet gentle way of teaching that made for both a fun and informative learning experience. She has a clear purpose in this world to heal. The world is lucky to have her!

- Annie Wood.. Actress, yogi, human.

I have always felt that every yoga class with Samantha Akers is like a mini teacher training and/or workshop. I have been a student of hers for almost two years and I highly respect her teaching, which was what prompted me to do her Yin Yoga Training. She differentiates Yin from Restorative Yoga and critiques her own teachers on how they misrepresent poses for the average practitioner.

 Sam brings a calm, approachable, and informative teaching to her training. She is very knowledgeable in the body and does a great job breaking down concepts that I would otherwise be lost and confused within translation. I like how Sam not only critiques the images that are presented to yogis, but also explains why it is harmful to practitioners, as well as providing an alternative to fit individual needs.   


-Joe RYT 500

200 hour teacher training with Sam has had a profound affect on my life. My knowledge of yoga has expanded and my personal practice has deepened to levels that I did not know existed. I have gained confidence and acceptance. I feel strong in my new knowledge of alignment. My favorite topics were anatomy and metta, both are things that I appreciate combining and is not often found, in a teacher training. This was one of the best experiences of my life, connecting me more deeply with family, friends, myself. PRICELESS!

-Amber RYT 200

My entire practice has changed, as a result of my 200 hour teacher training with Sam. I can now apply alignment and anatomy principles into my teaching and awareness. I fell in love with the philosophy of the Yamas and Niyamas as well as the bringing together of these limbs, with the Buddhist tradition of Metta. The myths were always a lovely thought to me, but being shown how to bring the morals and precepts into my life and off the mat, was profound. I would recommend 200 hour training with Sam. She brings a certain quality of deep knowledge and teaching to the table, that I could never have expected.

-Clare RYT 200

I highly recommend trainings with Sam! I’ve always been hesitant with YTT courses and never felt fully aligned with any. As soon as I can across the 200 hour with Sam and Peggy, it was an INSTANT yes! The training proved to fill and fulfill every part of my needs to become a confident and compassionate yoga teacher. Thank you for helping me and allowing me the space to find my purpose.

-Khyla RYT 200

If you’re looking for a training on fascia and yoga, Sam is your teacher. She brings hope, through the knowledge of fascia, to those that may believe they cannot heal from physical pain and injury. I will continue to recommend her trainings 1000 times over. I am grateful to her for inspiring me to teach and to believe in my confidence.

- Kelly RYT 200

Sam is not only a knowledgeable, skilled teacher and leader, but her warm, positive nature is unmatched. She makes all of her students feel at ease in her classes and in their own skin. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing her as a bodyworker, a mentor, a teacher, and an employer, and she’s exceeded my expectations in every capacity. Her passion for and belief in restorative yoga and back care is contagious, and her work honors the complexities of the body and the mind and yet are accessible and enjoyable. Plus, she generously and readily provides tools and education; you always leave with new understanding and applicable skills. Her vast understanding of the body is unlike anyone I’ve worked with, and it certainly shows in her teaching, training, and bodywork. I’ve never met such an experienced, intelligent teacher who truly walks the walk of practicing compassion and kindness. She is approachable, passionate, and sincere and embodies all that she shares with her students. She is a true gem; when you work with her, you feel like you hit the jackpot.

- Melissa Brooke, RYT 200 and Restorative Yoga Teacher

From asana to meditation, or as you'll learn in Restorative Yoga... meditation during asana! As your body relaxes Samantha teaches to follow the breath while paying attention to the many sensations you'll discover along the way. Restorative yoga helps unlock and open areas of your body that have been closed off far too long. Samantha teaches how to show loving kindness to yourself through Metta then send that same love and kindness through out the universe.

-Michael Banks, RYT 500